NEWS – Help that gives hope

“Help that gives hope.”

Hasene has carried out an emergency aid campaign in Sierra Leone.

Sierra-Leone is one of the poorest countries in the world. The consequences of the civil war can be felt everywhere. Here the Hasene is in action with his emergency aid campaign. The aid program includes orphan and infrastructure projects. As part of the ceremony to award the Hafiz title, 12 young people received their Hafiz certificates. In addition, 28 Akîka victim donations were slaughtered and distributed to the 800 students, their families and 100 orphans.

The event was attended by Mehmet Yaramış, chairman of the Hasene Foundation in Holland, Hüseyin Karataş from the board, and Emir Said Bağcı and Yusuf Çiçek from the youth organization of IGMG North Holland. Mehmet Yaramış informed us of the following: In the cities of Freetown, Waterloo, Komalou and Makkani, further victim donations and food packages with rice, sugar, onions, salt and soup ingredients were distributed.

According to Mehmet Yaramış, this campaign reached several thousand people.

The delegation from the Netherlands also visited the mosque in Rutifunk, a district of Waterloo, built by the Mustafa Yatabare, player at Konyaspor, in Sierra Leone, and other projects such as schools, orphanages, rice fields, health centers, solar energy systems, storage facilities, rented fields, Fountains and fountains. Medications were given to an orphanage in Lungi as part of an ongoing health project, and information was provided on how to treat a congenital disease in men.

300 patients are to be operated on in the next few weeks. According to Yaramış, the Hasene employees had covered a total of 1,000 km.

“You didn’t forget us”

According to Mehmet Yaramış, women, the elderly and children usually come to the food parcel delivery points. An elderly man in Makkeni said a prayer and said, “You haven’t forgotten us.” In Waterloo, a letter of thanks was also given to the employees.

Muhammed Sarbu, the mayor of Lungi, and the director of education and upbringing of the Ministry of Education also praised Hasene’s work during a meeting. In particular, the educational projects, which also include the Hafiz program, would be taken as a model nationwide.

The aid projects give hope to the population. Even 12 years after the civil war, conditions are still chaotic, many people live in slums, food supplies are not secure. The educational and agricultural projects are primarily aimed at helping people to help themselves.

Yaramış: “We have rented a piece of land here for 15 years, which the villagers will order. Last year 4.5 tons of rice were harvested. 90 sacks of rice, each weighing 50 kilos. The villagers receive 10 sacks, the rest goes to the orphanage. “Yaramış believes that people in Europe should be very grateful for their situation. “You should appreciate the gifts you have and be more generous.”

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