Why Orphan Project?

According to the United Nations World Children’s Fund (UNICEF), over 140 million children worldwide have lost one or both parents due to wars and natural disasters. Orphans are particularly often victims of human or organ traffickers.

As part of the orphan project, the aid and social association Hasene takes care of children in this difficult living situation. Orphaned children receive material support. At the same time, we also want to offer them protection and security and let them feel that they are not alone.

Registration Process 


Orphan Project

The mandatory support of an orphan is initially limited to one year. The monthly contribution is € 35. If the support is not terminated in writing or by email after this period, it is automatically extended for another year. Aid ends as soon as the orphan reaches adolescence. 

The binding support of an orphan is to be provided for at least one year with a monthly contribution of at least € 35. Any or one-off donations collected in the orphan fund are also used for orphans, such as holiday gifts, school supplies and clothing. Donors who pay any contribution to the orphan fund will not receive a portfolio. 

Select the “Orphans” category on our website under the “DONATE NOW” section and indicate the amount of your donation and the number of orphans you would like to support. Confirm with “Next” and now enter the requested information so that the donation process can be successfully completed. You can find all further steps in the text “Orphan project registration duration”. 

Each sponsor will receive a folder within three to six weeks after the sponsorship begins, in which personal information about the supported orphan, such as B. Place of residence, family and school are documented. The folder is delivered by post. 

Orphan Project Flyer 

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