NEWS – You will come back, right?


“You will come back, right?”

As part of the emergency aid campaign, the aid organization Hasene International e. V. Emergency Aid in Vietnam and distributed over 9 tons of food.

Hasene has also been active in Southeast Asia for more than two years. A comprehensive emergency aid campaign has now been carried out in Vietnam.

Mustafa Hamurcu, leader of the Amersfoorter community in the Netherlands, and Bülent Konur from the Hasene branch in Aalen in Württemberg accompanied the campaign, in which, in addition to the delivery of aid packages, Adak, Akîka and Kurban donations, 315 orphans were also provided with clothing .

Around 70,000 Muslims live in Vietnam, including 25,000 in the Chau Doc district of An Giang Province. Hasene has already carried out kurban and food campaigns there in the past: “People told us that Hasene is the first and only aid organization that helps in Chau Doc,” reports Mustafa Hamurcu. “Our help gives them great hope.” Possible orphan and educational projects are also welcome in Chau Doc. “In Vietnam, children can only go to school if their parents have the money to do it,” said Hamurcu.

The Hasene team also supported 315 orphans during the campaign. Emergency aid was provided in the form of clothing, financial aid and aid packages, reports Hamurcu. The foundation stone for a future orphan project has also been laid.

The rabbit helpers also distributed the meat of 140 sacrificial animals donated as kurban, adak and akîka to the needy.

A total of nine tons of food were distributed in the form of aid packages, each of which contains clothing as well as basic foodstuffs such as sugar, milk, fish oil, rice, pasta, meat, rice cakes and pastries. “We distributed a total of 320 aid packages. This enabled us to reach over 1,500 poor and needy, ”said Hamurcu.


All needy families and orphans from the city and the surrounding neighboring villages were invited to a central issuing office. The joy was very great, especially among the orphans.

“Turks have come to help us”

The city of An Giang is located in the Mekong Delta, approx. 300 km southeast of Ho Chi Minh City. The boat trip from the capital to the remote region takes up to seven hours, there are no other means of transport. “People live on and on the water, mostly in houseboats. The vast fields of the Mekong Delta are used for rice production and other agricultural purposes, ”reports Hamurcu. An Giang’s inhabitants would not only live from agriculture; many residents also have smaller shops, stalls or workshops in front of their houses, according to the Hasene observer. The rural exodus is a big problem. Many poor families would have to move to big cities.

According to the observer, people were very peaceful and respectful of one another. Respect each other’s beliefs and lifestyle.

There is no general compulsory schooling in An Giang. In any case, attending school is impossible for children of poor parents. That is why many Muslim families who are unable to pay for schooling would send their children to the mosque for lessons, reports Hamurcu.

In order to reach as many poor and needy as possible, one went from door to door. The helper reports that this led to emotional moments. An elderly lady living alone, crying for joy, would have said: “Turks have come to help us”.

The visit of the Hasene team triggered a lot of joy and hope. “You will not forget us and you will come back, right?” Asked the helpers at the farewell.

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