Our Vision & Mission




Our Vision & Mission

Mission :

Following the words of the Prophet “The most beneficial of people is the one who is beneficial to people”, our Organization carries out its activities with the mission of extending aid to those who are in need, suffering and oppressed, orphans in many fields from nutrition to education, health and sheltering. The Association bridges those owning wealth with those who are in need by conducting aid activities through voluntary observers.

Our Organizaton shapes its activities in accordance with the ideal of contributing to people’s standing on their own feet by rallying inactive possibilities in the aggrieved and oppressed lands, and to creating  permanent solutions and thus development of countries and regions by means of permanent projects conducted within the framework of the understanding of “Teach me how to fish instead of giving fish” as a Chinese saying goes.

Our Principles of Work :

-Trustworthiness: we receives donations given with the responsibility of safety and delivers thorough a meticulous work which will build trust in benefactors.

-Transparency: Regarding distribution of donations we work in accordance with the principle of transparency and conducts its activities with a sense of accountability. The campaigns and projects are performed under the supervision of appointed volunteers.

-Helping: in the best manner Hasene helps the poor without hurting their dignity. We act with the sense of giving in the best manner.

-Informing: Hasene provides information on how and where the donations are distributed by means of news, bulletins and reports and informs the community about the poverty and suffering in many parts of the world.

-Impartiality: Hasene acts according to the principle of impartiality and helps the aggrieved and the oppressed, and those in difficulty regardless of their religion, language, race, color and denomination.

-Creating: Awareness It raises public awareness by keeping the sense of sharing, solidarity and cooperation.

-Use of sources: Use of sources depends on necessity. Charity resources are used where they are mostly needed.

-Quick reaction: It assures fast provision of aid in crisis regions.

-Building relationships: Hasene contributes to the development of new relationships between communities by building bridges between them and making it easy for them to get know each other by way of activities.

-Empowering: It aims thorough educational projects to end peoples’ dependency and passiveness in countries and regions where aid is extended to, and to have them stand on their own feet and even to carry them to grantor position. It provides support by offering alternative means of living and opening vocational courses.

Our Reach :

Hasene Internatioal is globally engaged and provide support for emergency and development projects in more than 100 countries around the world. Hasene International currently has branches in 16 countries around the world.

Our History :

Hasene Canada was established in 2014 with the slogan of “Hand in Hand for the Oppressed and Victims” to reach out to those in need around the world. As a word “hasene” refers to goodness, beauty and charity. The organization carries out activities in various fields in order to increase goodness and charity on earth, sharing and cooperation all around the world. Hasene’s vision is guided by the following words of the prophet Muhammad (saw): “The best among people is the one who benefits people the most.” Helping to ease the suffering of the poor around the world. At the same time, we want to use our aid actions and projects to build a bridge of solidarity between rich and poor and to strengthen the cohesion of people of all nations and religions. We’d like to thank for all the donations from honorary donors and as well as the collaboration of partner organizations, we are able to take action to relieve the suffering and poverty in many parts of the world.